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I really like writing flash fiction, usually defined as fiction of 1000 words or less. A writer's group I'm a member of uses 200 words or less as their standard, what I believe many would call micro-fiction. All of my flashers conform to that more strict standard. Some are 100 words. I'm going to start working with 500 words, working my way up.

To find flash publishers, I use Duotrope's Digest. They have a flash fiction category that you can use as a search criterion. They define flash fiction as 1000 words or less.

Literary Magazines and Journals

Pay Markets 

AlienSkin Magazine's Flash Gallery - a new speculative fiction webzine's library of flash fiction. $5 for stories between 500 and 1000 words. They also publish micro-fiction (exactly 150 words), but don't pay for it.

Amsterdam Scriptum - an online literary journal for flash fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. $10 in Amazon.com gift certificates on stories of 1200 words or less. They prefer shorter works.

flashquake - an online quarterly literary journal of flash fiction, poetry, flash non-fiction, and artwork. $5 to $25 for 1000 words or less. Temporarily closed to new submissions.

Flash Me Magazine - an online magazine exclusively for flash fiction. Annual Fantasy issue. $5 to $20 for 1000 words or less.

Necrotic Tissue - a new horror magazine with an editor who likes flash and loves exactly 100-word flash (he pays double -- $20).

Postcards From Hell - new subscription flash horror delivered on postcards. Plans for other genres, if experiment succeeds. $50 for 600 words or less. Temporarily closed to new submissions.

Non-Paying Markets 

13 Human Souls - a new online magazine of horror flash fiction and poetry. No monsters or aliens, just humans.

365 Tomorrows - publishes a new flash fiction piece every day in the area of speculative fiction.

Antipodean SF - online journal of science fiction, fantasy and horror flash fiction.

Doorknobs and Bodypaint - a bimonthly online magazine with three flash fiction contest winners in each issue.

 Double Room - a journal of poetry, prose, and flash fiction.

Flasheville - a flash fiction blog that accepts submissions.

Flashshot - a daily 100-word flash journal and email list in the genres of horror, mystery, fantasy, SF, and humor. Submissions accepted.

Lit Bits - dedicated to publishing flash fiction. Submit your work of 500 words or less.

Pop-Bang! - new zine for flash fiction for all topics (Narrative, Erotica, Horror, Sci-Fi, Dramatic, Fantasy, Feminist, GLBT, Mystery, Fan-Slash, Etc.). 750 words max. Pays in copies of zine.

 Spillway Review - an online creative journal containing flash fiction. No longer accepting submissions.

 The Green Tricycle - a literary webzine for flash fiction, poetry, and mini-dramas. Temporarily not accepting submissions.

The Story Garden - a literary magazine from Scrawl: The Writer's Asylum. Includes flash fiction.

Flash Fiction Collections and Blogs

Adam Maxwell's Fiction Lounge - an author's collection of flash.

Conditional Reality - quantum fiction (exactly 100 words) blog of Mario Milosevic.

Consider - a website with a lot of stuff, and a flash fiction collection.

Fifty-word Fiction - a collection of fifty-word flash fiction.

Hugh Cook's Flash Fiction - a collection of his flash fiction.

Gabrielle's Flash Fiction - Erotic flash fiction collection.

Midnight Blood - a collection of vampire flash fiction by Linda Suzane.

Robert Hill Long - author's collection of flash fiction and poetry.

Rebecca Jane's Flash Fiction - the author's blog features her flash fiction.

Umbrella Productions blog - Mike M's blog with weekly flash fiction.

Flash Fiction Tips - blog about flash fiction by Guy Hogan.

Special Websites

100 Words - Sign up on this site and write 100 words a day. Of anything. See other people's writing. Make friends. Called a Social Tasking site.

 Liquid Silver Books blog - This erotic romance publisher's blog has a regular flash fiction writing assignment.

 shortshortshort.com - Bruce Holland Rogers' short-short fiction by subscription.


Flash Fiction Flash - Flash fiction newsletter including publishing news, flash fiction markets, contests, writer tips, workshop news, and more. Includes all of the above for other flash literature (e.g., flash plays, haibun, prose poetry, flash memoirs, flash creative nonfiction).

Writers Groups and Workshops

Flash Memoirs Writing Workshop - Yahoo! Group where members submit and critique flash non-fiction (1000 words or less), share markets, and other writing-related discussion. Participation required (one submission a month and four critiques a month).

 Flash Play - a similar group to the above Memoirs group for flash plays.

Flash Writing - Yahoo! Group for those writing flash fiction, including contests, markets, and possible workshop activities.

FlashXer - Flash Fiction Exercise List: members do exercises in writing flash fiction.

PP_FF - Yahoo! Group of writers, editors, publishers, and scholars interested in contemporary prose poetry, flash fiction, and related evolving forms.

short-short-flash - a Yahoo! Group for writers of short short stories and flash fiction.


Flash Fiction: The Short-Short to Ultra-Short Story by Pamelyn Casto.

Flash Fiction: The Ultra-Short Story, interview with Julie Ann Shapiro, author of Flashes of the Other World, a collection of flash fiction.

Writing Flash Fiction - article on writing flash fiction by G.W. Thomas, published in Fiction Factor, an online magazine for fiction writers.

Flashes On The Meridian: Dazzled by Flash Fiction by Pamelyn Casto, published in Riding the Meridian.

Flash What? A Quick Look at Flash Fiction by Jason Gurley, published in Writing World.

Flashing Your Setting: Using Setting in Flash Fiction by S. Joan Popek.

Flash Fiction: Good Things Come in Small Packages by Jack Goldstein, published in Writers Write.

How to Write Flash Fiction - How-to article on flash fiction at eHow.com.

Some Frank Facets of Flash by Kimberly Ripley, published on Write From Home.

Very short doesn't mean shallow by Jules Horne, a writer's blog entry.

Ten Reasons to Try Flash Fiction by Kay Marie Porterfield, reprinted from Creative Writes.

The Essentials of Micro-Fiction by Camille Renshaw, published in pif magazine.

Writing Erotic Flash Fiction by T. Myer, published by Katy Terrega's Resources for Sex Writers.